Every Day Earth Day

How are we stacking up with the green generation? On this Earth Day, I took my lunch break in the school cafeteria. Myself included, those of us preparing lunch for the not yet independent crowd aren’t quite there yet.  Not so favorable . . . I didn’t see much “natural” food spilling from lunch trays and lunch […]

Lookin’ for love . . . love in a lunch box

Food shopping is not a spectator sport. It’s a challenge to keep the love flowing around the table when we need to practice defensive grocery shopping. But shoppers at my Southwest Austin neighborhood grocery added a little love to their carts yesterday.  We were five-deep waiting our turn to select fresh produce.  The line looked like love on its way […]

Boxed to go – back to school lunch tip

The kids are taking lunches to school this year and they’re into their second week of brown bag meals. Have you boxed anything to go lately? We can’t seem to exhaust our excitement for fresh Texas tortillas. Spread tortillas with hummus, roll, and store in a sandwich bag or box.