All-Purpose Pasta

Although average strands of spaghetti dressed with a homemade sauce typically fill the dinner plates at our house, there’s no argument that to appreciate the beauty of true noodles — prepared with eggs, flour and a little olive oil — you need fresh pasta. For fine pasta selections, like the hand-rolled pasta at Manhattan restaurant […]

Make it a pasta supper night

Some say beware of pasta while others shy away from bacon. This pasta supper dishes up a little of both. Modify it to meet your needs and make this pasta tonight.

Second-chance lasagna

I’ve been making excuses forever not to give lasagna a chance.  The noodle dish was on the menu at the restaurant where I worked for several years, and I can’t recall anyone ever ordering it twice or remarking on how good it was. This particular lasagna just wasn’t anything to get excited over or to justify adding to the calorie count […]

Pasta Pagoda

Looking for an affordable summer filler for the family table? Pasta can take on many forms, but twisty, curly pasta always seems to keep the kids focused on meals around our picnic table. The Cookery likes gluten free Ancient Harvest Quinoa Garden Pagodas, but any pasta will do. Here’s our take on Pasta Pagoda: Cook […]

Double Play Dinner

Winter may be lingering around your neighborhood, but here in Texas, we’re welcoming pre-season baseball. It’s convenient to skip a healthy dinner with a load  of excuses, primarily that there’s little time to fix anything when returning home after 8:00 p.m. from the batting cages. We rallied last night with a successful double play – arriving on time […]

Straw and Hay from the Frugal Gourmet

If you want to celebrate simplicity around your table this time of year, you may like breaking bread with The Magi, The Camel and the Little Lamb. I’m browsing “The Frugal Gourmet Celebrates Christmas.” Though I don’t own this cookbook (it’s currently on loan from the Austin Public Library) and never really knew much of […]

Simply Red

Cold, rainy, still winter.  I’m sticking with pasta this evening.  I won’t be able to work fresh fettuccine into my schedule, but the ingredients for my red sauce are on hand here in the cookery.  There’s just one question . . . mild or hot?