Get crackin’ with this sweet bread recipe

Bakers of all ages love to make this Portuguese sweet bread because there’s plenty of egg cracking to go around. With a dozen eggs in this recipe, everyone gets to perfect their skills with carefree cracking. Add a little baking to your weekend gathering and break out the eggs. Try Mike’s sweet bread recipe, a rich and […]

Sweet Loaf

You won’t want to skimp on the eggs with this bread recipe. It’s perfectly rich, courtesy of our Austin baker man. He modified the variation he learned from his grandmother to continue the sweet tradition. Portuguese sweet bread 4-5 loaves (half-batch) 2.5 lbs flour (That’s the starting point, though you’ll probably need another one or two […]

Baker in disguise

I’ve seen a few good men turn out perfect peach cobbler at the campsite, but that’s no wonder. They’ve been preparing the dutch oven dessert for years. What really marked surprise was discovering that our neighbor is a baker in disguise. He keeps busy working with the law, staying active with his family, and training to look like a […]