Spice the rice

Putting a favorable meal together gets easier when the ingredients matter. When it comes to The Cookery’s rice and spice dish, go with a traditional basmati if you can work it into the food budget. It’s certain that basmati adds up more quickly than alternatives, but you’ll appreciate the results.  Rice and spice 1 cup basmati rice 2 cups water 1 pound ground …

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Hungry? Make this a meal

Hungry? Round up four primary ingredients and make this a meal. Prepare rice and chicken to your liking, add fresh spinach and feta, and fold these flavors into a worthy meal. Skip the chicken or substitute rice with your preferred grains to recycle your recipe.

UT students collaborate in The Cookery to create meatless meal

The Cookery serves as a subliminal classroom for our family, but last weekend, we opened it up to a mixed group of graduate and undergrad UT students who rinsed, chopped, blended and tasted a sampling of Middle Eastern dishes to create a meatless meal. The menu: saffron rice, hummus, bread, and cucumber yogurt sauce (jajik in my recipe binder). This fabulous meal …

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All steamed up over Fuzzy Logic

The Cookery’s been conducting market research on rice cookers with a 5-cup minimum. The Panasonic Fuzzy Logic rice cookers lead the pack among products in this search. Our about-to-be-retired rice cooker is not equipped with Fuzzy Logic technology. The Cookery’s managed well without it this long, but when we uprade the in-house rice cooker, it looks as if we’ll adopt a …

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Dish This

Prepping dinner was a joint effort with my youngest son this evening.  He knows how to read a recipe and loves using the lettuce spinner.  His motor skills are still coming along so the sharp objects remain out of reach.  After kilos and kilos of steaming over the years, our vintage rice steamer turned out perfectly …

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