Smoothie smarts

Are you smarter than a fourth grader? Here’s a smoothie fix tested and tasted by third and fourth graders. The smoothie blenders based their fruit choices on what  they  found around The Cookery . . . just right bananas, melon and oranges. Great smoothies! Smart Smoothies 16 ounces plain yogurt 2 ripe peeled bananas 4 cups chopped melon […]

Cranberry sauce smoothies

Reach into the refrigerator and recycle your leftover cranberry sauce with a festive take on smoothies. Blend this: two bananas 8 ounces yogurt 1 cup ice two tablespoons leftover cranberry sauce (We prepared the sauce two days ago with water, fresh cranberries, grated orange peel, and sugar.) Yield: Four small smoothies.

Strawberry Strategy . . . Cubed

From a friend of The Cookery’s across Austin:  Here’s a quick flavor favor for strawberry lovers: “I probably mentioned already that with this glut of wonderful strawberries, I’m whizzing them in the blender by the pound, pouring them into an ice-cube tray (1 lb. = 1 tray) , freezing them, then packing them in a freezer Baggie for smoothies […]