Tomato Craze

Tomatoes are on their way! Here in the Hudson Valley, it’s been a season of getting reacquainted with gardening in the New York region. I’m on guard in the garden this summer, and looking forward to sweet rewards. Enjoy the tomato craze wherever you are with these easy tomato based recipes. Tomato Toss Gazpacho

Surviving on tomatoes

Thanks, Miss E., for sharing the fruits of your garden. We finished off this beautiful garden tomato, but before I sliced it, I thought of a friend who really struggles to eat tomatoes these days. She’s grateful for this fleshy, juicy fruit, but for a long time, she ate nothing but tomatoes. On her family’s rooftop […]

That’s lunch?

I’ve spent the past week almost entirely outside (before the extreme Austin heat arrives) and away from the Cookery (not braggin’–just sayin’). Aside from steaming vegetables and slicing watermelon, the Cookery’s been quiet. In keeping with our light mission for June, here’s a crunchy option. We tried the spinach & artichoke hummus from Out to Lunch […]

Give it up for Gazpacho

Gazpacho Want to add a dash of hot flavor to your cold soup?  Blend these ingredients for a simple gazpacho. This is my own twist on a summer favorite.  The kids love it when we break out the blender.  One, two, three, liquefy!   16 ounces vine ripened cherry tomatoes 1 medium cucumber 1 small […]