Thrifty Thursday in the Cookery

The mood around the cookery feels like Thrifty Thursday. I’m anchoring this evening’s meal with Wild Alaska Sockeye salmon from Trader Joe’s. At $6.67, I’ve spent the bulk of my $10 budget for four people tonight.  On hand, fresh dill weed, penne, grape tomatoes and spinach. Done. Leftover watermelon slices (if the afternoon snackers don’t get to them first) […]

29,998 pounds of bananas

The banana bread made its way out the door last night. My neighbor filled my wish list at Trader Joe’s again and I like to show my appreciation.  She tells me that her husband polishes off the candied banana bread with little trouble.  But back to TJ’s:  they had my favorite Roasted Plantain Chips in stock.  I serve them […]

Meet my favorite dough boy . . .Trader Giotto

Just call me lucky.  That gracious neighbor of mine stopped by Trader Joe’s again to do her shopping and filled my wish list, too.  As I’ve mentioned, we live miles and miles from the nearest TJ’s, so this gesture stands tall.  Just delivered . . . Trader Joe’s Garlic & Herb pizza dough.  We rolled out […]

Cilantro Secret

Speaking of cilantro, I’d like to share a little secret.  One of my neighbors, who makes her way around a tri-state area, takes my wish list to Trader Joe’s when she’s in TJ’s neighborhood.  Lisa, from farm or grocer to front door, I appreciate your generosity!  So what has Lisa slipped into my Trader Joe’s […]