The recipe’s in the mail

They always catch you at the busiest time – those emails that expect you to ‘send a recipe to 20 of your best friends.’ So you wait for the sky to fall, and feel guilty and move on.

Last week I received one that was manageable. There were just two people on the email. One to whom you send the recipe, and a second name, someone you know, who now moves to first place. Forward a recipe then cut and paste to your friends. The recipe should be one you can write off the top of your head with uncomplicated, unmeasured ingredients. I was amazed at how many lazy friends I have!! One relative, who shall be nameless, said she didn’t mind doing it but she surely didn’t want to have any more recipes.

Anyhow, feeling virtuous I sent one, and the recipient thanked me within an hour so I felt even better.  This is the recipe I sent…. and it really works!

You need:

Inexpensive pork roast 3-5 lbs (or more or less!)

Several cloves of garlic

Can of regular Coca-Cola–not diet

A little corn or vegetable oil

Salt and pepper

Sizzle the garlic then add the meat and turn it over and over until it’s well browned. Stand back and add the Coca-Cola.

Transfer the whole lot to a casserole and cook on 350 until it’s done. Time it takes will depend on size.  Baste every now and then and season with salt and pepper.

Oh yes! Here’s another easy one.

1 untrimmed brisket

1 c. soy sauce

1 c. apricot preserves

Set a brisket on a very large piece of heavy-duty foil. Turn up the edges to avoid a spill. Pour the apricot preserves and soy sauce over the meat.  Wrap up tightly.

Cook slowly. It works fine if you cook it in the oven then carefully pour off the sauce and give it 15 minutes outdoors on the grill.  Or you can cook it the whole time on the grill.

© 2009 Jane Manaster. All Rights Reserved.




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