Welcome to my cookery

Welcome to my cookery, a space to digest life’s ingredients.  I’m writing in the kitchen, also known as the cyber café around our house.  I most humbly serve as the chief stocker, chopper, dicer, toaster and roaster of food for my family.


Some days, I simply reach for my trusty paella pan and pan-sear a few vegetables to serve over rice.  Occasionally, I like to shake up the menu as well as the routine of life.  Explore, examine, experiment.  And all those cookbooks that summon me from the bookshelf deserve a little browsing.


This morning, the first lazy Saturday of the New Year, I was fairly inflated with confidence.  I attempted to replicate the Fluffy Crusty Buttermilk Biscuits pictured on the cover of the January issue of Gourmet.  (Paige, many thanks for sharing the magazine.  Eye candy!)  So, I mixed the ingredients (page 80), rolled the dough, cut out the biscuits and baked them.  They tasted delicious served with raspberry preserves and butta (I love the way butter sounds when one of my friends in Virginia tells me her secret ingredient to almost everything).  But what may be remarkable is that I think I invented biscones.  They tasted like biscuits but looked more like scones.  If anyone out there knows if I’m too late to claim this honor, please set me straight on the matter and I’ll just stop glowing about it.


It’s a new year and I’m off to the market to round up a few staples.




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