Worm Condo Composting

My guest bloggers are taking it from here on the supplies list to build your own worm condos:

 You will need:

one paper bag, one plastic liter bottle, one plastic plate, , 10 composting worms, shredded paper, diced fruits and vegetables ready to compost, scissors, tape, water, glue gun

First, with your scissors, cut off the top quarter of the bottle and remove any bottle wrappings.  Then, glue the bottle to the plate.  Next, add some shredded paper to the bottle.  Then, add a splash of water.  Find 10 composting worms.  These worms love to compost.  Next, add more shredded paper to cover the worms.  Then add another splash of water.  Next, add your vegetable or fruit scraps.  Remember, do not place any dairy, meats or fats in your worm condo.  PHHHHeeeeeewwweeeee. 

Cut your paper bag to the proper size, wrap around the bottle and tape into place.  Then use the top of the liter bottle to rest gently on the composting shreds.  Keep out of direct sunlight.  Happy Worm Condo Composting!   




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