Giving – Do It Yourself Hot Chocolate

Giving –   better than receiving. As the holiday season comes around the two perennial bugbears loom closer.  How can we manage gifts when we have neither time nor money to shop?  And how, while we are at this pity-party do we convince the children that it is better to give than to receive? We […]

Peel and Eat Potatoes-Peelin’ with Jane

Peel This The Cookery welcomes Austin’s Jane Manaster back this week to challenge us with a post on peeling potatoes. Peelin’ with Jane: Remember when potatoes were a staple? At 50 – 99 cents a pound, and with pasta and rice down in price, they are almost a luxury.  When a visit to the supermarket […]

Browsing at Sprouts

Sparkling clean and still new in town, Sprouts is the latest in markets to sprout up around Austin. The Sunset Valley location offers a fair selection, which drew me in along with this week’s special . . . strawberries at 99 cents per pound. I found a few well-priced staples as well as a new temptation – fig […]

Will a down economy impact food allergies?

Back to school with food allergies Do people eat more peanut butter in a down economy? I don’t have the answer, but I’d be tempted to serve it if I weren’t managing food allergies in my family. I’ve never packed peanut butter in lunches for my children, but as a friend refers to peanut butter, […]

Scouting for Food

Our local Scouts will be Scouting for Food this weekend. If they dropped by your doorstep last weekend with one of these door tags, they’ll stop by Saturday morning, July 25th, to collect food donations for the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas. Discarded your door tag? You can still leave your donation of non-perishable food […]

Pasta Pagoda

Looking for an affordable summer filler for the family table? Pasta can take on many forms, but twisty, curly pasta always seems to keep the kids focused on meals around our picnic table. The Cookery likes gluten free Ancient Harvest Quinoa Garden Pagodas, but any pasta will do. Here’s our take on Pasta Pagoda: Cook […]

Strawberry Strategy . . . Cubed

From a friend of The Cookery’s across Austin:  Here’s a quick flavor favor for strawberry lovers: “I probably mentioned already that with this glut of wonderful strawberries, I’m whizzing them in the blender by the pound, pouring them into an ice-cube tray (1 lb. = 1 tray) , freezing them, then packing them in a freezer Baggie for smoothies […]

Strawberry price chop

Strawberries at 88 cents per pound? Sun Harvest? I’m confirming this local Austin price chop, and if I’m not too late, The Cookery will be stocking up on fresh berries (per customer limitations). Any room in your freezer?

Boost protein on a budget with bean bargains

Looking for a diversion from your usual protein boost? Try a white bean, chicken and sausage cassoulet. White beans remain a reliable dollar stretcher. You decide how much chicken and sausage to spring for to round out this dish. The Cookery tested this version of white bean, chicken and sausage cassoulet from RecipeZaar. It pleases with […]

Second-hand cookbooks measure up

Second-hand cookbooks Second-hand cookbooks measure up if you give them a chance. The Cookery extends a grateful thanks across Austin to a book treasure hunter, our friend Jane, for the latest acquisition for our collection. Middle Eastern, vegetarian, French or light and easy, we’ve learned not to snub our noses at used cookbooks. Looking to pick up a […]