No-recipe recipe for one hot dish

This no-recipe recipe transforms potatoes into a great hot dish. And as Mama often says, “Honey – There is no recipe!” Hot German Potato Salad . . . just boil some taters (6-8) with the jackets on . . . cool enough to hold and remove skins . . .  and slice them into a […]

Latkes lighten up with apple sauce

There were no leftovers, certainly no latkes, at the home of our gracious host and hostess this weekend. The fabulous latkes at their Hanukkah table started as a mountain of golden brown potatoes, but served with apple sauce, the latkes all but disappeared and sustained grateful guests. Many thanks to Ms. P. for treating us to her family […]

Peel and Eat Potatoes-Peelin’ with Jane

Peel This The Cookery welcomes Austin’s Jane Manaster back this week to challenge us with a post on peeling potatoes. Peelin’ with Jane: Remember when potatoes were a staple? At 50 – 99 cents a pound, and with pasta and rice down in price, they are almost a luxury.  When a visit to the supermarket […]

Bakers Ready

Feeding the masses? Preheating required. We received these bakers washed and wrapped to help prepare a meal for a large group. We fired up The Cookery’s oven for this hot potato project. 25 potatoes. 350 degrees. 90 minutes. Done.

Stuff the Spuds

How easily can you be influenced? Some of the most persuasive lobbyists whispering in my ear are my kids. They wanted to know if I was going to blog about our stuffed baked potatoes. (No kickbacks from the potato board.) So, I’ve been persuaded. With a range of family commitments and activities on our schedule, time […]

Ladle this soup for supper

       Soup Supper If you’ve ever tried Sancocho, a hearty stew known to please palates in Columbia, this may look like a distant cousin. Savor your meat and potatoes, but add a splash of broth to justify this affordable meal. Don’t have all these ingredients on hand? Run an inventory of what you do have […]

Warm Up With Latkes

What’s so wonderful about potato latkes?  If you can overlook the starch, they warm you right up in cool weather. We sampled a fantastic homemade version (Sharon’s recipe) in our Austin neighborhood and tried to duplicate them here in the cookery.  Served with apple sauce, they’re a treat. Try this recipe from epicurious: